Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Locked Out

I got locked out of my parents house today. It all started at about 11 am. I had just settled in the TV room, reading through "The Meaning of Liff" when I saw a squirrel eating bird seed out of the bird feeder in the backyard. I grabbed my camera and headed outside, locking the door behind me because there was a big sign that reads "Lock this door!" The squirrel ran away and the birds were too fast. Then I decided to head back inside, But to my dismay all the doors were locked!
My parents have a number pad lock on the front door and my Dad told me the code, I forgot which numbers they were exactly. Having no heuristic to use I started algorithmically at 1111. Eventually I found the code that worked but it didn't open the lock all the way and at that point I was aimlessly going through the list so I didn't remember the order of the numbers. I needed to find a pen.
I managed to get into the garage through a window and found a pen. I narrowed the list down to 32 possible numbers using the numbers I suspected were in the code. Regardless, the lock on the door was either completely locked out or the batteries were dying... Home alone, stranded in the garage with a pen, a camera, a propane heater (lucky!), a radio and various tools, equipment and stuff. I think I had it pretty good for being locked out!
During my exile to the garage I discovered a box of memories. it belonged to my older sister and it contained many pictures. Most of the pictures were from her time at a summer camp as a camp leader but there were also some old family pictures. It was good to look at those pictures and take a look into the past.

This is a stuffed soccer ball I made in grade 8 Home Ec.


Emily on her 1st birthday. Hard to believe she is getting married this summer.


A Portriat of me in preschool. I attend Gingerbread House Preschool, which was run by our neighbor just down the street.