Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cinnamon Shooter

I made this video for my friends at the ORG. ( ) This is my attempt at a cinnamon shooter: ( ) You can try it yourself at home, but I doubt that you will like it.

A cinnamon shooter:

1. Get some plain cinnamon, it's a spice.
2. Find a tablespoon, or a spoon that is the same size.
3. Fill the tablespoon with cinnamon.
4. Put the tablespoon of cinnamon in your mouth.
5. Swallow

Sounds easy right...

It's not, trust me. But if you want to experience it for yourself, go for it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

stupid itunes

stupid stupid stupid itunes!

Thats all I have to say for now, hopefully more to follow.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Flora Lake Hike

On Saturday I went for one last hike in the mountains before I head east to the "hills" of Edmonton. Gerry, Jason and I headed up to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park to hike up to Flora lake which is in the same area as Lindamen and Greedndrop lakes that I hiked to previously.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed this hike. compared to the Lindamen/Greendrop (Post Creek) route, the trail to Flora lake travels through open forest. It allows for stunning views of Chilliwack lake and all the campsites to the south. The view would have been even more stunning if the clouds were not there, But I love clouds so I can't complain. The trail first goes to a peak before descending towards the lake. Above the tree line we reached so pretty nice meadowland near a peak. The descent down to the lake is steep and windy as the scenery changes from meadowland to thick forest. In the thicker forest areas we saw many different types of mushrooms and fungi, I took pictures of some but definitely not all. then we reached Flora lake. In my opinion, there really wasn't anything too spectacular about the destination. The journey was more spectacular.

After reaching the lake we took a trail that leads back to the Post Creek train that runs between Lindaman and Greendrop lakes. This part of the trail was really annoying because it involves crossing several large rock slide areas. not good on the feet, not good. Back on the Post creek trail we could see that some improvements were recently made to the campgrounds and trails. New tent platforms, signs and stairs were installed along the path. After 8 hours of hiking, I was glad to give my feet a rest!

Here are a few pictures, but if you want to see more visit:

And Ross, here is something for you:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my Mom.

I made a short video which can be viewed on my Vimeo site:

I see that blogger now supports video uploading but this one is slightly too big, so Vimeo it is! Also, I only thought of making it yesterday and I don't really know much about compiling video and audio, but It's a start. One thing I love about my mom is it doesn't really matter what I get her for her birthday because I know she will love it anyway. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

one week from now

At this time next week, I plan to be halfway through my drive to Edmonton...

Monday, August 20, 2007


Does Tom Hanks ever end a letter,

T. Hanks

Just a thought...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Who am I?

Last night I watched the movie "Dazed and Confused" after seeing that it was part of the Criterion Collection. Criterion lends their name to some great films such as "Brazil" and "seven Samurai" so I figured it would be a quality film. "Dazed and Confused is a story about different groups of teenagers on the night of the last day of school. In this film, two freshmens, a guy and a girl, are introduced into the High School world which they will be entering into in the fall. And that world seems to be full of parties with drugs alcohol.

This film made me think about the kind of person I am and who I want to be. There are time when I really want to be someone who fits into crowds like that. Someone who drinks and drinks and drinks, maybe a little drugs... enough to get wasted and have some fun.

I've been to parties before, rarely, and I am usually sober and clean when I go. It's not very fun being sober and clean at parties. I don't fit in, its hard to understand what people are doing, I get too concerned about people who are completely smash and need to get some sleep... I wonder if it would be any different if I were drunk at those parties. I think I would need to BE someone else in order to go to parties like that and enjoy myself.

I don't do drugs because I know it's bad for me and I don't drink much at all because it costs too much and I don't go to parties because I wasn't invited. Instead I stay home and sit at my computer, surfing the web, playing video games, or watching movies... all week long and all alone. It's like I am inside my own little prison cell and none of my peers gives a damn enough to visit me. Especially during the week, I never do anything fun during the weekI don't go bowling, don't go out for dinner, no concerts, no dancing (I don't mind that though, I have two left feet.) no playing in the park, or even hanging out...

I know that my parents do love me and care for me and they do ask me out to dinner often. But I am 25 dammit! I ought to doing be dinner with people my own age. I'm grateful for what they do for me but it makes me feel too dependant on my parents if I went out to dinner with them every time they offered (about 3 times a week).

Anyways, whatever fuelled this rant is spent and I need to go to work... my last day of work for this summer, woohoo.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Last weekend.

Well, I shouldn't be doing this but I am going to blog about my entire weekend in one blog. I should have blogged about stuff as they come up but I didn't. I wasn't super busy, I was just lazy.

Friday Night: Panic Squad, Gerry Ebbers and worship @ "About a burning Fire"

"About a burning fire" was a valley wide Collage and Careers event that included worship songs, stories by my good friend Gerry Ebbers, and improv comedy by Panic Squad. Gerry told us stories about how in his younger days long past he and his friend were pyromaniacs. They lit (with a flamethrower no less) a ditch on fire an nearly burnt down a small town. He says that when the holy spirit is in our lives, it is like an unquenchable fire, very powerful.

Later Panic Squad came on stage and did some improv comedy. Nearly all the themes they work with are based on what the audience suggests. We must have been funny because they were funny too. My friend Aaron even got to go on stage and do noises for one of the actors. One time he had to imitated a pull string teddy bear and he made it say, " Heh heh, that tickles!"

Panic Squad:

Saturday: Stardust

Saturday day I cleaned the house before my parents came home and played video games all day until evening came. That night I saw the movie Stardust, which is based on a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess. Neil Gaiman is my favorite author and Charles Vess is a good artist. I think this is Neil Gaiman's first book adaptation that has made it to "Feature length film" status... Anyway I really enjoyed this movie, it has action, adventure, comedy, romance.

Many critics compare it to "The Princess Bride" and say that they are similar. But I don't think that is true. Stardust is more serious than The Princess Bride which is more of a comedy than anything else. Stardust is also more violent thanks to director Matthew Vaughn who also directed "Layer Cake" a film about gangsters. I was skeptical of the director choice at first, but after seeing Stardust I would say it was a good choice.

Stardust Trailer:

Sunday: Alone time

Sunday afternoon I decided to have some alone time with just me and my journal. I won't tell you what I wrote in my journal because its a secret. But I think it was a good journal entry and I am glad that I wrote it. Maybe one day I'll share it with someone, maybe.

After Church in the evening I had an hour to kill before College and Careers Bible Study so crossed the street to watch some cricket... yes there is cricket in Abbotsford BC Canada, who knew?! Apparently it is quite popular among the East Indian population in Abbotsford. I think that I caught the end of a game of cricket but I am confused. I thought cricket was some sort of team sport but when the thing that ended the game happened, everyone seemed to be very excited... and I have no idea how it happened really! I think I should play cricket some day.

Cricket Wiki:

Monday, August 6, 2007


On Saturday I went to the Agrifair, just to check it out, take sound pictures and such. The Agrifair is a fair where clubs such as 4-H display their best barnyard animals in order to have them judged. There are also fairgrounds with rides, prizes, gambling, music, and various other shows and vendors. I hadn't been there is several year, not since I was a kid.

At first I just wandered around looking at chicks (cheep! cheep!), asses (I like donkeys.), doves, pigeons, turkeys, cows, and horses (I swear some of those horses were over 8 feet tall, maybe even 9 feet!)

Then I arrived at the goat/pig barn at the back of the exibition grounds and ran into my good friends the Dykstras. The Dykstras had some of their goats there as well as their 3 pigs. I think some of the kids were playing violin as well, but I just missed them. Then I discovered that there was actually a scheduale of events and that I should check out some shows coming up sooon, so I did.

First I saw the duck and pig races. After alot of hype from the anouncer the Duck race began! My section was cheering for 2 ducks called "The Streakers" so named because they were apparnetly rescued from Wreck Beach, a famous nudist beach in Vancouver, and because they were the only team of ducks that didn't have a collar on and were completely naked... for a duck.

THe duck exploded out of the gate and ran up a slide, then slide down the slide into a small pool. the first duck to get out of the pool wins. And yes, The Streakers did win!

The pig race wasn't as memorable to me, I can't remember if my teams pig won or not.

Then I checked out the Lumberjack show where they had a competion between two teams of lumberjacks. It was more of a comedy then an actual competion. Competions included axe throwing, axe cutting, chainsaw cutting, tree climbing, log rolling, jousting on said log, and two person sawing. The competitors were always trying to cheat while the host wasn't looking, it was kind of funny but I would rather see an actuall lumberjack tournament.

Lastly I met up with Darren and Ann and we saw a circus in the gymnastics bulding. It seemed like they were showing some sort of story to the audience, but I don't think I completely understood it if they were. I don't know why they had one gymnist dressed up like a dragon jumping around climbing poles and stuff... Anyway, I must say that I don't think that I could join the circus and be an acrobat or trapeze artist or do that gymnist stuff. Its quite amazing what they can do with their bodies. probably requireds years of training.

And that is all I did at the Agrifair this year. I heard that the next day they had the Rodeo. I've never been to the rodeo and hope to check it out sometime.