Monday, July 5, 2010

I miss my IPod

Today after work I  stayed downtown for a while to see one of my favourite Edmonton bands, Yes Nice!, play at The Works art festival in Churchill Square.  I have been a fan of theirs ever since I first heard them live a few years ago.  They are a really fun and energetic band who are a real treat to see live.  I think their music is also somewhat inspired by Christianity and The Bible (at one point I attended the same church as a couple of the band members as well).

At one show I bought a couple of their CDs and loaded them onto my IPod so i could enjoy them all the time… if I wished to.  But alas, I can’t seem to find my IPod!!!  I lost it somewhere a few weeks ago and have no idea where it might be.  I hope it is somewhere in my bedroom.  If it’s been stolen or picked up by someone I hope they are enjoying my awesome tunes!