Monday, February 1, 2010


The Pankegg. 50% Pancake, 50% Egg, 50% Awesome... That's 150% in case you are counting. I first heard of the pankegg from the video blogger ZeFrank. A couple years ago he he had a video blog simply called the "The Show". It ran for one year and encouraged viewers to interact with each other through a social network called the ORG. I got involved by sharing photographs and videos. Unfortunately neither The Show or The ORG is producing anything new; The Show is archived and The ORG was abandoned. At the end of one of the last episodes Ze frank teaches his audience how to make a pankegg. That episode can be seen here:

Basically I start making a pancake as usual, either with a pancake mix or by scratch. As the first side of the pancake is grilling it forms holes. When the pancake has holes throughout it is ready to flip. Lift it off the pan, crack an egg and flip the pancake on top of the egg. Pat the pankegg down with the flipper so that the egg side covers the pancake; just separate any egg bits that spill out. Then fry it on the egg side till it reaches the desired runniness. The result is a pancake with an egg fused to it on one side. If it is done excellently both sides of the pankegg will look similar. I usually eat it with butter and syrup, but it could probably be eaten with ketchup... if that is your thing. Enjoy.

50% pancake

50% egg
50% awesome
150% pankegg!