Monday, November 26, 2007

End of Semester stress

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say sorry that I have not blogged in quite awhile. School has been very stressful and I often forget to share my troubles with others. But I am encouraged that God is very big. Bigger than any of my small little school problems that I am experiencing right now. This afternoon I took a small break to pray and read a somewhat random Bible passage to see what it had to say. I read from Acts 25 and 26 where Paul is put on trial in Caesarea and appeals the court to appear befor Ceaser in Rome. Reading this I thought, 'Wow that is a big presentation that Paul needs to make.' Paul has alot on his shoulders and he does it with the help of God. If God helps Paul with the big thing, I think I can trust God in the littles things, such as my presentations coming up this week.

I am almost done:
1 Abnormal Psychology presentation
1 Chapel reading
2 Cognition tests
1 Cognition Paper
1 Education paper

then on to finals...

then I can fly home!

It is going to be hard, but I am glad I am not alone.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I need your help!

Last night I attended worship 937, a worship service that starts at 9:37 PM Wednesday nights in the SAC at King's. There was a speaker from a YWAM centre in New Zealand speaking that night. She talked about her experience in operating a house for homeless children in a city there. She explained that she did it just to show love to others. She wants to love people as God loves people and she says that this is a painful thing to do. I think it's painful because it is unconditional. It's hard to imagine loving someone without receiving anything in return. But that is what Jesus did for us. He loved us to death and he asks nothing in return from us. I feel so guilty when I am reminded of the nature of God's love.

How do we love like God loves? Matthew 25 talks about the goats and the sheep and about how God loves the sheep. The sheep are those people that love their neighbors "just because". Matthew 25 talks about feeling the hungry, filling the thirsty, being hospitable, clothing the naked, and looking after those that are sick or in prison. Whatever we do for the least of these we do for God. When we love others, we love God.

The woman (sorry, I have forgotten your name!) who spoke last night has been called to love by being hospitable, that is her thing. She opens up her house to children that needa place to stay. I have been called to visit prisoners, that is how I love. This way of loving is often overlooked but it is important to be there with those people. It is very difficult to be in prison and they don't often get to experience the love that God offers.

Once a month I go to a young offenders centre here in Edmonton with 2 of my friends to lead a small youth group with about 10 youth from the centre. We sing songs, play games, do skits, talk to and with them, teach and learn together. Everyone that comes to this youth group has volunteered to come so I think that they are at least a bit interested in knowing more about God.

But with only 3 of us going each month is somewhat difficult for us to continue in this community. If one of us cannot make it one month then we cannot go at all that month. It would be awesome if we had more people to join us. We need more people to care about the fate of prisoners, especially young offenders in a meaningful way. So I ask you, if you are interested, please let me know if you are interested joining us in this community. We need as many people as possible to help us because next year the current group of volunteers will most likely be moving on from college to new careers and the group may have to be disbanded. I think this community with the young offenders is one that should remain.

If you are interested in joining us and helping us please respond to this note in Facebook or on Blogger. You can also contact me personally at, phone: (780)465-3500 ext. 8541, Apartment 41 at King's.

God's blessing,
Ken Timmermans

Sunday, November 4, 2007

pumpkins and snow

So I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. This is due to the fact that I was, and still am swamped with school work at the moment. But it snowed last night and that makes me quite excited. I just needed to share that.

Last week my apartment mates constructed some pumpkins apparently in the shape of "McLovin" from Superbad. I've never seen this film so I can't say if it is accurate or not.
Also, as I said earlier, it snowed last night. I made a message in the snow:

As for schoolwork, I have a few more weekly theology assignments, a book report, 2 ten page media reviews and ongoing "volunteer" work left. ugh.