Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where did I place that "Easy Button"?

Has anyone seen that Staples commercial featuring the "Easy Button" when the parent just presses the Easy Button and poof! Suddenly all their children have school supplies? Well there is such a commercial and I really wish I had an Easy Button. I want an Easy Button that I can just press and suddenly sell my truck. I hate having to answer buyers questions. I wish someone would buy it no questions asked.

Would anyone be willing to help me sell it? I am willing to make a deal if you can help me sell it. Basically I will settle for $2000 but if you can find someone who will buy it for more I will give you the excess money. For Example, if you find someone who will buy it for $2500 I will give you $500 for helping me sell it; If you find someone who will buy it for $2200 I will give you $200 for helping me sell it. Also, if you can find someone who will only buy it for $2000 or less, I will pay you 5% of its selling price. ( $2000 = $100 for you, $1800 = $90 for you...) There for any price between $2000 and $2100 will get you $100. Or if you would like to buy it yourself, I will sell it for $2000 if I need to.

If this truck was in perfect condition it would be worth $3500. But I know that it is not in perfect condition and need some work. I believe that $2000 to $2500 is a fair price to pay for this truck.

Truck information:
1995 Chevrolet S10
color: green
4 cylinder Automatic
Regular cab and box
191,000 Km
About 550 km/tank
Rhino lining in box
CD player
New exhaust system (not including catalytic converter)
Good tires, full sized spare

Known Issues:
Engine leaks coolant.
Engine occasionally turns off while stopped at a light or in park. (reason unknown)
Catalytic Converter needs to be replaced.
Glove Box remains open.
Tailgate remains closed.
Minor body dents and scratches that do not affect performance.

As you can see, this vehicle does have some major issues but I definitely do not have the cash to fix it up right now and I don't see that happening any time soon.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Words To Liff By

I started a new themed blog, Words To Liff By. I will feature a short video in each blog. Check it out! http://wordstoliffby.blogspot.com/

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A letter to people: life at TKUC so far

I started work, school, and living in the apartments this week. I'm not terribly eager about any of them really. School is OK i guess, I have 2 "creative projects" that I can do in lieu of a research paper and I think I want to attempt to do that. One is for Abnormal Psychology with Dr. Sneep and I think that I want to do something with Alzheimer's because my grandpa has a severe case of it and I want to honor him with this project. I just don't know what kind of creative project to do or what that will look like. The other is Cognition with Dr. Looy which I don't know how to handle either yet. I wanted to do something related to blogging or online collaboration (such as the stuff found at the ORG, http://www.zefrank.org). But I don't think that topic fits with the course, maybe next semester.

Apart from those two courses I am also in Psychology of Personality with Dr.(?) Van Belle, Psychology of Exceptional Children and Adolescence with Doschak, and finally The Human Nature Of Evil with Dr. Martins.

Funny story about Psychology of Exceptional Children and Adolescence course; One the first class the professor didn't show up but about 10 minute into the class, when everyone was still waiting for the professor to show up, my friend Salima decided to go to the washroom. When she returned she pretend to be the professor. I was laughing and she asked me in from of the class" what was so funny?" and I replied "Nothing!" After that she got everyone in the class to introduce their name to the class. After everyone introduced themselves, she asked the class what they expected to learn in this class and the room fell silent. Then an older lady gave a timid response thinking that Salima really was the professor. Ah, poor old lady... Then Salima finally admitted that she was not the professor and that she was just having some fun. But Salima did a good job at pretending. She fooled some people despite my laughter early on, Good job! Funnest. First. Class. Ever.

As for work, well, allot has changed some for better and some for worse. Better: Easier for me to put things away, slightly better pay... worse: More dirty dishes and cooking tools, a kitchen staff that doesn't know what to do with really dirty dishes, a kitchen staff that doesn't know what to do with dirty plates bowls and cutlery, very dirty kitchen tools not put into the sink, a generally unorganized kitchen, no time to eat dinner with the student population, a meal that I need to heat up after work, having to do more work... Having dinner with others is something i miss allot, having a warm cooked meal with friends was awesome. I felt part of the community then but now I am part of the community of King's. Maybe I don't need this job for the same reasons. Maybe if I'm not happy there I should go elsewhere...

Sunday, September 2, 2007


This blog goes out to my friend John who recently left home for Regent College (is that right?) I know that he is a huge Trekkie so I think he would appreciate this video allot.


I don't know if you have ever been to the town of Vulcan, Alberta... but it is a must see for any Star Trek fan. Originally named after the "blacksmith of the gods" in Greek mythology, Vulcan, it became a tourist attraction after the Star Trek franchise became popular. It now boasts a statue of a constellation class ship (like the original Enterprise), a gift shop, a dress up picture area, a Star Trek based virtual reality game, (which I didn't go on) and loots of Star Trek related memorabilia.

Anyway, John I hope that you enjoy this glimpse of Vulcan if you haven't done so first hand already!