Sunday, June 24, 2007

Terry and Ivory Cameron

It's been awhile since I did a blog so I thought maybe I should write one. But what top write about...

Oh yeah, I went to another wedding this weekend. My friends Terry and Ivory from BC got married yesterday in Yale BC. (the town/village of Yale is beyond Hope) They had their wedding in a historic church that is nearly 150 years old! It was a small, simple, and beautiful service. Later there was a reception at a church in Hope. As a guestbook type thing that had a picture frame that everyone signed. I signed it with 'Ken "Timmy" Timmermans". Back in the day I used to frequent the Tim Hortons across from the movie theater in Mission after watching a movie with the couple and other friends; that's where they nicknamed me "Timmy". I think Ivory even suggested that I should name my son Timmy... Timmy Timmermans, I'm not sure about that.

There was also scrumptious finger food, fiddletastic violin playing, a bunch of people I didn't know, a bunch of people I did know, an ICE CREAM wedding cake, and... punch. After the reception we drove around Hope honking our car horns in a big envoy of vehicles. Hopes not that big so it doesn't take very long.

Here are a few pictures that I took. (other people have many more photos that are much better quality than the ones I took) Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I just had a dream. or maybe a series of dreams...

Sequence #1
It starts out with a bunch of people over at my parents house, apparently top watch movies or something all night. I know its all night because Shelley, the one organizing it told me about the pancake breakfast after. I get irritated because I know that I would seriously dislike having people watch movies all night when I am trying to sleep before work the next day. My dad is in the kitchen and there is a large brown snake with black spots curled up on the counter quite close to my dad's hand. People I recognize here are Shelley, Dad, Derrick, and Jebarre.

Sequence #2
I leave home and go to some sort of religious setting. Its a big room with an extremely high ceiling and it has a huge statue in the center of the room. The statue is all white, is egg/chalice shaped, and has several head busts attached to it that seem to float in mid air. There are people crawling around this massive statue with their heads scrapping the ground. I think I see my mother doing this, but I am not sure. There are also people standing around the statue watching the people crawl around it. They are listening to a man saying something from a speaker somewhere. People I recognize here are Mom.

Sequence #3
The statue room creeps me out so I decide to go on vacation. I am doing some sort of winter sport on a mountain and I go over a jump but I wipe out. Good thing there was a camera stationed right there to catch it. I get up and the landscape changes (much like seasons change). Its not a mountain anymore but a river of melting snow and water. I see my cousin Erica and possibly her parents on the other side of the snow-melt river and tell them they are on the wrong side. I walk on and find a path. The path is alongside a clean looking lake at the base of a mountain, the kind of scene people make postcards out of. In the lake is a women lying on an air mattress. She has grey hair, but looks about 50. I toss a puzzled look (while she catches) and I walk on. Next to the lake is a tavern. I enter the tavern and it turns out to be part of a larger building, a hotel perhaps. Everything is made of wood and it feels like it's from a western. There are people everywhere, all dressed like western movies city folk, sitting, talking, moving about, a real busy place. At this point I think about something, but I can't remember what. Then I sense that some people around me are becoming suspicious of me for some reason. At this I pull out a gun ( a small WOODEN pistol) and start to find an exit. No one chases me but I get startled look wherever I run. Eventually I find a bar at the other end of the building which has an exit. I now find myself outside in a city near the ocean. The women form the lake is sitting on the dock but is not startled to see me waving my wooden pistol around.

And That is when I woke up.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dave and Amanda's Wedding part 2

I will briefly tell you that Dave and Amanda had a very good wedding and they enjoyed it allot. It was allot of fun. The wedding at Capilano Church (?) was short and sweet. The reception had great food, games, no alcohol and most importantly lots of family and friends. If someone want the Bride and Groom to kiss the had to roll a dice with 4 options on it. 1. They kiss automatically. 2. Trivia about them. 3. Sing a song with "love" in it. 4. Hula-Hoop for fifteen seconds. They also played a small version of "Deal or No Deal" $1000 was the maximum amount that they could have won. When the only two choices were $300 and $1000 were left the newlyweds made a deal to sell their case for $701, which is a good deal because their case had the $300 prize in it! That will help them on their honeymoon which Davc won't tell anyone about, sigh. There was also dancing to end off the night in celebration.

That was everyones general experience of the wedding. Now let me tell you mine. I was responsible for taping a video of the wedding which is generally a new experience for me. Part way through the wedding I accidentally dropped the camera which hit the record button. So for a few minutes I didn't notice and then hit record again. This means there is a chunk missing from the wedding.

I was really disappointed and it cast a looming shadow over my entire day. I did have fun at the reception, but I was not myself. Normally I would have taken my camera and taken a ton of pictures but I didn't want to screw up and take crappy pictures all night. I already screwed up one thing that day.

I managed to get up to the mic to say a few words to the bride and groom about their new life together. I said that I was blessed to have them in the small group and that God had great things for them in their marriage. I meant to comment on how fortunate we were to have them in our group. About the time when Amanda chose a verse before going to to Whyte Ave. to sing and hand out food only to have a street person, Lenard, read that same verse and affirm God's presence in Her life. About what a good friend and leader Dave has been in my own life and at King's. Thinking about it, I had so much to say, but I only said a few words.

I felt disgraced that day. I disgraced myself and did not allow myself to be the me that God made me to be. But I am very glad that God, my spiritual dad, does not disgrace me. The is nothing I can do to make him remove his grace from me because he love me so much :) I am glad that I can turn to him if I am feeling down and that he can love me for who I am.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dave and Amanda's wedding part 1

On Thursday night I went to my friend's stag which I helped to organize. I started out at my house where we gave Dave (the groom) a pink shirt to wear for the evening. The shirt read, "TOUGH GUYS WEAR PINK" I thought it would be a good encouragement sort of thing whilst still trying to embarrass him a bit. From there we headed out to the Outback Steakhouse in the south part of Edmonton. They have excellent food there. Most of us had the special which was steak and lobster. I have never had lobster before but I am sure glad that I did that night. After dinner we went bowling. We only got to play one game because it closed at 11 pm, Something I didn't know.I did absolutely horrible at bowling despite all the practice I had been getting on the Nintendo Wii that afternoon. So, after the real bowling a few of us went back to where I was staying and played some Wii bowling, I got a much better score then :)

The next day I had to pay my tuition deposit and it's a very good thing that I did this because it was the last day that I would be able to do so. Later I went to Whyte Ave. to shop for a father's day present and to try on some hats at a decent hat store there. I didn't buy any hats yet, but I might when I return for school in the fall.

When I got home from Whyte Ave. I went for a walk with my little cousin Chelsey. We walked and talked about school and stuff in the park and the ravine near the place where I was staying. Entering the ravine was definitely a mistake. It was infested with large mosquitoes that attacked us in swarms. Needless to say, we were bit a few times.

Later I went to the wedding rehearsal where I practiced my vidoegrapher skilllz. (sorry, my skills are not actually mad enough to be spelt skillz.) This afternoon is the real thing. I hope it turns out alright. We ended off the night by stuffing ourselves at the Buffet Royale and doing some decorating at the reception hall. Buffet Royale had very good Chinese cuisine, very good western cuisine and even a chocolate fountain, Yummy :)

so after all that preparation and build up the big day is upon my friends Dave and Amanda. In about 7 hours the will be married!

I will probablt post a few picture when this is all over, either here or on facebook.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off to Edmonton

Well, I'm off to Edmonton to celebrate my friends Wedding. Amanda and Dave will be married this saturday.

Tonight we are having the stag and stagettes. I was charged with planning Dave's stag because his best man, his brother, has never been to Edmonton and he doesn't know what to do there. Because I went to college with Dave I know the city a bit, but I don't get out much so I don't know it well. I think this stag is going to be lame. Seriously, I don't know why he choses me to plan these things.

I wish I could say that I am going on vacation for four days but a friend's wedding is actually alot of work. In addition to the stag I am also being a videographer for the wdding and doing a bunch of things to prepare for school in Edmonton next fall. A lot of work and nervousness, here is hoping that I will have fun doing it all!



Saturday, June 9, 2007


From Neil Gaiman's novel, Anansi Boys:

His father made a "tch" noise and held the feather up to the light. "this is a beautiful feather," said his father. "You don't want it to get all manky. She won't take it back if it's all messed up." Mr. Nancy ran his hand over the feather, and it was perfect. He frowned at it. "Now, you'll just mess it up again." He breathed on his fingernails, polished them against his jacket. Then he seemed to have arrived at a decision. He removed his fedora and slipped the feather into the hatband. "Here. You could do with a natty hat anyway." He put the hat onto Fat Charlie's head. "It suits you," he said.

Fat Charlie sighed. "Dad. I don't wear hats. It'll look stupid. I'll look a complete tit. Why do you always try to embarrass me?" In the fading light, the old man looked at his son. "You think I'd lie to you? Son, all you need to wear a hat is attitude. And you got that. You think I'd tell you you looked good if you didn't? You look real sharp. You don't believe me?"

Fat Charlie said, "Not really."

"Look," said his father. He pointed over the side of the bridge. The water beneath them was still and smooth as a mirror, and the man looking up at him from the water looked real sharp in his new green hat.

Fat Charlie looked up to tell his father that maybe he had been wrong, but the old man was gone.

He stepped of the bridge into the dusk.

I just finished reading this book for the second time and I really enjoyed it... again. Every time I read it I consider getting a fedora for myself. A fedora is a really classy hat like one that Indiana Jones wears. After reading Anansi Boys this time, I decided to get me a fedora. It's not a green one like the one Fat Charlie gets from his father. I don't think I have enough attitude to wear a green fedora. I got a brown corduroy fedora that matches my brown corduroy jacket, I hope that I have enough attitude to at least pull that off!. Here are some pictures...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The adventures that it would bring.

Today my annoying boss CJ told me to build some wooden cages for some cement mixers I had just build yesterday. I used four palettes to construct each cage. I am glad I only had to build four.

As I was hammering fruitlessly away at a nail that didn't want to go in straight, my co-worker Blair asked me jokingly if I built a tree fort as a kid. Thinking back I never needed to build a tree fort. As a kid I would just climb the tree branches themselves and hangout in the trees. There isa park behind my parents house with several good climbing trees. My friends used to play games like capture the flag, fort knox, glycolgen, and town amongst those trees... Fun times!

On Sunday I rediscovered the joys of treeclimbing when some of my nephews asked if I could play in the park with them I climbed this one tree within view of my parents back yard. I must have climbed a good fourty or fifty feet up. It freaked my mom out. Needless to say, after seeing how easy it was to climb this tree, I did not help my little nephew into the tree. A boy could climb that tree for hours, the adventures that it would bring, only to fall and die a gruesome death?... No thanks, I don't want that on my conscience, especially within view of their parents, eek.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Why? Victoria, Dreams

Why does no one ever call me or email me or message me? Im getting really lonley...

Just wondering you know, maybe no one wants to hang out or I'm too boring or whatever.

Just a thought.

Tomorrow I'm going to Victoria for a day to see a museum exibit about the Titanic at the Royal BC Museum. Too bad it's not at the Wax Museum in Victoria. I really liked that place. It's probalby the only thing I remember about Victoria since it has been quite awhile since I've been there.

I've heard of a couple people who dream of travelling to Victoria and starting a new life there, out near the ocean waves and the great nature of Vancouver Island. It sounds wonderful but sometimes I think it's just a dream, moving away and starting new... Is that possible? I'm glad I'm only there for the one day.

Speaking of dreams, I've been having some recently which is always exciting. A few nights ago I drempt I was back at King's taking a philosopy class with Dr. Dudiack. It was about modren Italian Philosophers. I remeber him saying in my dream that there used to be lots of notable philosophers there in the past but gradually notable philosophers began to originate elsewhere in other parts of europe and america. Its probably not all true so don't quote me on that.

Another dream I had, just last night involved ducks and rabbits. For some reason the ducks had made a home/nest in a cavran/hole in the ground. I stepped away from the hole towards a small ,steep, brown, grassy hill going down. As I neared the edge I realized that it wasn't brown grass, it was dozens of rabbits sitting ontop of eachother to form a hill! The pile of rabbits collapsed as I was at the hills edge. I imagined that they would be quite angery at me and remebered the killer white rabbit from "Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail" so I chose to wake up instead of being eaten alive.

There was more to those dreams but I can't remember all of them.